POTD 5/14/20

May 14, 2020  •  4 Comments

WELCOME BACK - We are so happy that a pair of Baltimore Orioles have come back this year. We had Orioles for the first time last year. David Sibley answers the question "Do birds mate for life?" with statistics. The answer is "yes, but..." if both Orioles survive the winter, they will most likely find each other and make a nesting attempt together. But the male and female each have a 50 percent chance of surviving the year, leaving only a 25 percent chance they both make it back. To see the pair back in our yard means our pair beat the odds. 


George Carmichael(non-registered)
Extra sharp photos Paul. Well done!
Kathy Wolfe(non-registered)
Beautiful photos.
Becky Ryan(non-registered)
Loved these photos!
Rick Hughes(non-registered)

These are two of your best. Incredible photos!
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