POTD 11/29/22

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WINTER SKY - Grand Monadnock Mountain under a threatening winter sky - viewed from Barrett Mountain in New Ipswich.

POTD 11/28/22

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GO CARDINALS - I grew up in the midwest - so the "local" major league baseball team was the St. Louis Cardinals. I photographed several Cardinals baseball games as a newspaper photographer in the 1980s. Now, I like the bird named Cardinal and enjoy thinking about the idea that seeing a Cardinal is a visit from someone you love who has passed away. We have a Cardinal family in the neighborhood, so we think about our loved ones often.

POTD 11/27/22

November 27, 2022  •  1 Comment

GETTING THE STINK EYE - Young deer gives me the "look" as it encounters the fencing we placed over the Hosta and other landscape plants the deer are coming into our yard to eat. The plants in our yard are apparently tastier than what's available in the forest - which is all around us.

POTD 11/26/22

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EVENING VISITORS - A pair of Evening Grosbeaks visit the feeder. Evening Grosbeaks, actually overgrown Finches, are irregular winter visitors to our area from their principal range in Canada.

POTD 11/25/22

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WINTER HAS ARRIVED AT THE BEAVER POND - With most of the beaver pond covered with a thin layer of ice, a cloudy winter sky is reflected in the open water near the shore.