POTD 6/21/24

June 21, 2024  •  1 Comment

BABY BIRD-ATHON -  A fully colored male Downy Woodpecker (left) is fed by a female adult. The woodpeckers are the first birds to bring their young to the yard. We will be expecting to see other birds join the annual Baby Bird-athon soon.

And- we (you and I) are fortunate to have knowledgeable POTD viewers such as Meade Cadot to help me take the "I think" from yesterday's butterfly photo and allow me to correctly identify the butterfly as a Red-spotted Purple Butterfly. Thanks Meade!

POTD 6/20/24

June 20, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

ME AND MY SHADOW - A Baltimore Checkerspot (I think ;-) checks out it's shadow on the greenhouse glass. 


POTD 6/19/24

June 19, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

GOOD DAD - Male Red-bellied Woodpecker feeds a fledgling. Woodpeckers fledge at about 25 days after hatching and Red-bellied Woodpeckers are the first to bring their fledgling to the yard to eat.

POTD 6/18/24

June 18, 2024  •  1 Comment

TOUCHING CARDINAL HABIT - In the breeding season it is common to see a male Cardinal feeding an adult female. The males are signaling their fitness in their ability to find enough food to share with their mate. Always touching to see this partner behavior.

POTD 6/17/24

June 17, 2024  •  3 Comments

PHOEBE FOOD -  We watched Phoebes work on a nest and then saw their five babies...now we are watching diligent parents hunting for and feeding the nestlings.