POTD 3/4/24

March 04, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

SEEING OPEN WATER - A stretch of mild weather has the beaver pond starting to melt.

POTD 3/3/24

March 03, 2024  •  2 Comments

ICE ON THE BROOK - Icicles above a small waterfall on the brook from the beaver pond.

POTD 3/2/24

March 02, 2024  •  1 Comment

SHADOWS - The beaver pond is painted with shadows on a sunny March day.

POTD 3/1/24

March 01, 2024  •  1 Comment

FOREST SUNSET - Our winter sunsets are framed by trees and the same old tree line can be boring. I think a digital mirror image is more visually fun!

POTD 2/29/24

February 29, 2024  •  1 Comment

SUNSHINE ON A CLOUDY DAY - It was a foggy, gray day in New Hampshire, so it was nice to have Pansy blooms in the greenhouse to brighten the day.