POTD 2/9/24

February 09, 2024  •  10 Comments

POTD FROM THE ARCHIVE - Some of you may know I was a newspaper photojournalist many years ago and had the opportunity to photograph some interesting people and places. This photograph from the early 1970s of Barry Goldwater speaking at Indiana University in front of a chalk board with graffitti advocating peace. Goldwater specialized in defense and foreign policy as a Senator from Arizona so to speak on a university campus during the Vietnam war created the contrasting messages. Note: As this is the first POTD from my archive, I'd appreciate knowing if you are interested in an occasional  photo from my archive with a short explanation for context.


I love all your photos Paul, new and old!
Absolutely! Always interested in a bit of history (especially since we’re about the same age), and adding a personal touch makes it all the better.
Meade Cadot(non-registered)
Yes; that would be interesting. Remember the political slogan "Go with Goldwater!" next to a picture of a mushroom-shaped cloud?
Don Alger(non-registered)
Love the nostalgia from a very crazy time for our Nation, keep them coming & thx
Yes, from the archive
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