POTD 1/3/24

January 03, 2024  •  4 Comments

ODD WEATHER, ODD ICE - Needle ice is a needle-shaped column of ice formed by groundwater. Needle ice forms when the temperature of the soil is above 32 °F and the surface temperature of the air is below 32 °F. Liquid water underground rises to the surface by capillary action, and then freezes and contributes to a growing needle-like ice column. The process usually occurs at night when the air temperature reaches its minimum. 


Bill Niemi(non-registered)
Nice ice photo and explanation. You could have been a science teacher.
it has been a truly banner year for needle ice up our way, warn days, cold nights, and wet soil means nearly the entire forest floor is crunchy with needle ice underfoot! I was just noticing on my morning walk yesterday that in some places the needle ice has actually lifted up the moss, holding it above the forest floor. Moss doesn't have roots, so I wouldn't think this would hurt it, though perhaps it makes it more vulnerable to cold damage? Fascinating stuff to think about! And great photo (as always!)
I always wondered how this was formed, thanks for explanation
Have seen these forms never knew the science
Thank you
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