POTD 6/7/23

June 07, 2023  •  3 Comments

BEAVER GROOMING - I don't shoot much video, even though my camera does it with the push of a button - more than 50 years as a still photographer, may be the reason? - but this beaver grooming on the beaver pond made me think a video would be a good POTD today. We mostly see the beavers swimming - so it is always nice to see them out of the water.


I love this!!! Great capture!
Stan Zabierek(non-registered)
Great footage of the beaver. I, myself, would not be adverse to seeing more short videos. Videos or stills, they are all great so keep them coming. I look forward daily to seeing what Paul's post of the day will be.
John M Poltrack(non-registered)
Why does this remind me of myself getting out of the shower?
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