POTD 3/26/23

March 26, 2023  •  2 Comments

DISPLAY DISADVANTAGE? - Two Tom Turkeys have been regular (daily) visitors in our yard - and we noticed right away that one of them did not have the typical male tail feathers. We named him "No Tail" and he seemed to get along fine not having tail feathers. Now that the strutting season is here...and his buddy has a fully formed, glorious tail feather fan...they are starting to display for the attention of the females. Some turkey articles implied that female turkeys may prefer mating with males with longer snoods - no mention of attraction to flashy tail fans. We'll watch to see if No Tail can hold his own with the hens - without a flashy fan.


I'm rooting for No Tail! (I love an underdog)
Ruth R Dubbs(non-registered)
WOW!! Those are some great looking turkeys!!
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