POTD 3/19/23

March 19, 2023  •  2 Comments

TOUGH DRIVEWAY - We love living on a mountain....most of the time. The 36" of early Spring snow we had this week was too much for the plow for several days. We finally got this cleared out Saturday morning - with snowblowers, shovels, my neighbor's tractor and finally my plow truck - from the storm that started Tuesday..


Oh my goodness! I'm glad you guys are well-equipped up on your mountain to weather these kinds of things. A bummer of a way to spend your birthday though! Hope you still got to enjoy it, even under all the snow!
John M Poltrack(non-registered)
Are you as sore as I am? Finally got paths to the bird feeders and the fill pipe for the oil tank is finally clear of snow. Thank God for a neighbor with a tractor.
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