POTD 7/19/21

July 19, 2021  •  3 Comments

WAXWING TAIL FEATHERS - Carotenoid compounds are common in fruits and seeds and birds' bodies use these carotenoids to produce the range of red to yellow colors in their plumage. The specific fruit and seeds Cedar Waxwings eat produce the color for the yellow tail stripe of the waxwings. These Waxwings were hunting insects on the beaver pond.


Jani Hauck Gesch(non-registered)
About twelve years ago they appeared in masses. All of the berries on the hollys were devoured in two days, they disappeared and have never returned.
Janie Western(non-registered)
Kathy -- I found Cedar Waxwings when we moved from Michigan to NC in the 80's... so friendly! I had a big Cedar tree by the house and their chattering brought me outside to see a whole flock gorging on the blue berries starting at the top of the tree and working all the way down!
Kathy Geheb(non-registered)
Wow, I never got Cedar Waxwings in Nashua until January most of the time. Occasionally as early as November but I don't ever recall seeing them in the summer!
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