POTD 6/7/20

June 06, 2020  •  2 Comments

TABLE'S TURNED - A large Snapping Turtle crosses our black cat's path as she keeps a close eye on the stranger on the driveway. Female Snapping Turtles, mainly in June, search for an open area far from water to lay their eggs. We have had big Snappers (maybe the same ones?) lay eggs in our yard for the third year straight. This momma scratched around the yard for 2 days, leaving several potential egg-laying spots, before heading back to the beaver pond.



Kathy Geheb(non-registered)
Is that a new cat? I didn't think you let your cats outside. Cool pics of the turtle!
Ron Deckard(non-registered)
Great shot(s)! Nature doesn’t take a day off, and neither does Paul.
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