POTD 5/17/20

May 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Thanks for visiting my Nature Photo Of The Day blog. 

Vic and I live in a beautiful, natural forest - which delivers up nature in daily doses. It is a wonderful pastime to photograph the nature around us. Being a former photojournalist, I want to add context to the photographs I post by identifying the bird or flower and sometimes adding details about what is happening. I don't "know" these tidbits - but use field guides and especially books by David Allen Sibley - to add details to my posts. Sibley's latest book - What It's Like to Be A Bird is the bird details book to have.

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WHEN THE COUCH WON'T FIT THROUGH THE DOOR ? - White-Breasted Nuthatch with an oversized piece of nesting material. Nuthatches normally nest in cavities in trees, rarely using birdhouses - so we were happy to see a pair "remodeling" in an un-used Bluebird house in our orchard.




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