POTD 4/23/20_2

April 23, 2020  •  1 Comment

There are LOTS of Wild Turkeys in the woods where we live - and they come into the yard to scratch under the bird feeders. We are amazed at how beautifully colorful they are...and have such interesting anatomy. For example the fleshy protuberance hanging down over their beaks is called a snood. The snood changes shape and color depending on the turkey's age, health and mood. A short snood might stand upright and be pointed like a horn, while a longer snood will dangle down from the bird's bill and may flop to one side or the other. The snood is also an indicator of sexual readiness. When males are ready to mate (like this one) the snood will be long and more brilliantly colored.




Becky Ryan(non-registered)
I love your daily snippet of nature! Would you add Linda Dayson to your list? She loved your book!
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