POTD 10/9/21

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POTD 10/8/21

October 08, 2021  •  1 Comment

TOWER OF POWER - Maple tree in our yard has burst out in color. The annual Fall color display seemed to start later this year - but is living up to its reputation.

POTD 10/7/21

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FALL ON THE GRIDLEY - We took our annual Fall Foliage on the Gridley River float yesterday. The leaves along the water change first - so the spectacular Fall show always starts first along the water. 

POTD 10/6/21

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Phantasmagoric Fungi - A Fly Amanita mushroom on it's side along the trail to the beaver pond. The rain these last few months has brought out a multitude of mushrooms of various colors and sizes. The Amanita is deadly poisonous and I was taught to remember the name by thinking "I'm onna needa" go to the hospital if I eat this mushroom.

POTD 10/5/21

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HOT CHICK - We've been visited by a lone turkey chick recently...when normally we'd have a flock of turkeys scratching in the yard. We love the turkeys!