POTD 1/9/22

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WINTER SHADOW SELFIE - Late day shadows across the frozen beaver pond.

POTD 1/8/22

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TURKEY IN THE SNOW - An all-day snow event had the turkeys (and us) out in the snow Friday. 

POTD 1/7/22

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QUARTER MOON IN A TEN CENT TOWN - Borrowing from an Emmy Lou Harris lyric - not really a commentary on our town. ;-) Just something interesting in the evening sky.


POTD 1/6/22

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NUTHATCHES cling to the bark and can move in any direction, often hanging head down. This male White-breasted Nuthatch has a shiny black crown, while the female's is gray.

POTD 1/5/22

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FALLING WATER -  A few days of warmer weather have the brook from the beaver pond running full speed.