POTD 9/7/22

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WET FLICKER - Rain in New Hampshire brought this male Northern Flicker to the yard. Sibley calls the Flicker the most un-woodpecker-like woodpecker, whose favorite food is ants. So, it is common to see Flickers hopping in the yard after ants. A very dry Summer made ants scarce in the yard - so the recent rain had all of the yard bug-eating birds on the hunt.

POTD 9/6/22

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BUSY DAD - A pair of newly fledged Goldfinches gang up on dad to be fed. After young Goldfinches fledge, the adult males continue to feed the young for 15-30 days.

POTD 9/5/22

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READY FOR TAKEOFF - Milkweed fruits (pods), when mature, split lengthwise releasing seeds. Each seed is attached to fluffy hairs (floss) that enable wind dispersion. A recent study found that the vast majority of wind dispersed seeds fall within 33 feet - but about 20% went farther - at least one in the study traveled up to 164 feet.

POTD 9/4/22

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YOUNG CARDINALS - Feathers on juvenile Cardinals are often relatively flimsy, having been grown quickly as part of the strategy to fledge from the nest as soon as possible. They will be replaced by more adult-like feathers within a few weeks, before harsher weather of winter sets in.

POTD 9/3/22

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END OF THE GARDEN - A Silver-Bordered Fritillary takes advantage of one of the last Zinnia blossoms in the garden.