POTD 5/9/22

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FOREST IS STARTING TO BLOOM - Goldthread blooms along the brook to the beaver pond. Goldthread is in the Buttercup family and shows off its' tiny complex blossoms early in Spring.

POTD 5/8/22

May 08, 2022  •  1 Comment


JUST IN FROM BALTIMORE - Actually, Baltimore Orioles spend winters in Central and South America, but migrate north in Spring to breed.  Like most migrating birds, males arrive first - and we have two males competing around the grape jelly feeder for position before the females arrive.

POTD 5/7/22

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HUMMING - Hummingbirds have arrived back at our patio feeders. The males always come first and came a few days later this year than last. We love watching the amazing little birds - and the bears don't bother Hummingbird feeders. ;-)

POTD 5/6/22

May 06, 2022  •  1 Comment

SPLISH SPLASH - White-throated Sparrow bathes in a sailing-themed patio birdbath. Little birds find this shallow water feature perfect for a refreshing feather rinse. 

POTD 5/5/22

May 05, 2022  •  2 Comments

FOG IN THE HOOD - Herons sit on nests on the beaver pond on a foggy Wednesday in New Hampshire. Herons are big birds with long incubation times - 14-35 days - so we'll be watching for the fuzzy heads of chicks in the next couple of weeks.