POTD 7/17/21

July 17, 2021  •  1 Comment

ITSY BITSY SPIDER - This little guy has been working the Lily blooms. I didn't try to identify or even figure out what it was eating on the Lily bloom...but I thought the juxtaposition was interesting. 

POTD 7/16/21

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MONARCH ON MILKWEED - We are always happy to see the Monarch butterflies return to the milkweed meadow on Wapack Wilderness. The  female Monarch will lay eggs on the milkweed plants, which will hatch into caterpillars which will metamorphosis into chrysalis to emerge as Monarch butterflies before they migrate south in late summer. I know this is a female because it lacks the black spot along the vein of the hindwing that a male would have.


POTD 7/15/21

July 15, 2021  •  2 Comments

BEAVER POND? - When you think of a pond, you think of open water...but the beaver pond is a pond because beavers flooded a low lying forest and the trees that were there are still there after they die. It is great for Herons to build their nests in the dead tree snags. and the beavers love it!

POTD 7/14/21

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PREPARING TO FLY - A Heron chick assumes a flight pose in the nest on the beaver pond. The chicks are almost fully feathered and are left in the nest alone most of the time now - presumably to encourage them to get out on their own.

POTD 7/13/21

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DILLY FIREWORKS - Blooming Dill plant makes fireworks pattern in the garden. When the blossoms go to seed, we will harvest the dill seed to use in pickles.